Simple Programming Problems

2015-01-14 10:54:50 Problets by Łukasz Kuszner
Please consider using problets by Amruth N. Kumar to learn programming concepts through small-scale problem-solving.

The collection of problets for C++ learners is available here.

Tutors are welcome to sign up to create custom courses.

2013-12-14 20:29:28 Main problem categories by Łukasz Kuszner

  • arith - involve input/output handling and arithmetic operators
  • iter - involve loops and conditionals
  • cpttrn - involve nested loops and conditionals
  • arrays - involve loops and arrays or other containers
  • more ...

2013-08-24 18:04:00 This is not a contest by Łukasz Kuszner
All problems here are intended to be easy, and all submitted solutions are available for everyone (you must be logged in to see solutions).

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