NSTEPS - Number Steps

Starting from point (0,0) on a plane, we have written all non-negative integers 0, 1, 2,... as shown in the figure. For example, 1, 2, and 3 has been written at points (1,1), (2,0), and (3, 1) respectively and this pattern has continued.



You are to write a program that reads the coordinates of a point (x, y), and writes the number (if any) that has been written at that point. (x, y) coordinates in the input are in the range 0...10000.



The first line of the input is N, the number of test cases for this problem. In each of the N following lines, there is x, and y representing the coordinates (x, y) of a point.



For each point in the input, write the number written at that point or write No Number if there is none.



4 2
6 6
3 4

No Number

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ezeuz the mind: 2014-02-06 06:40:57

Duh... Pretty sure mine is right. but got WA.
got the logic perfect(odd,even,x and y relations). Tried with big numbers... and no single problem spotted.

yvn: 2014-01-11 17:55:24

help me out m gettng rite output but runtime error wats dat??

Prashant Kumar: 2013-12-18 20:27:34

i get the logic, but getting wa , why?

Ankit Jain: 2013-12-09 23:17:54

ac in 1 go...yayyy

Ashish Mishra: 2013-11-27 09:24:55

wrong answer bt working in ideone :(

Shashank Gupta: 2013-11-10 06:34:46

Only 17 lines of C...I was forgetting return 0 so I thought I did something wrong. :P

Arpit Uppal: 2013-08-28 15:44:25

damn easy.. my 50th classical on spoj :)

GAURANGA: 2013-08-11 17:45:35

most easy...remembr y cordinate cannot exceed x cordinate

Amitayush Thakur: 2013-07-26 05:35:44

Time limit should be reduce to 0.05 secs or else this question should be moved to tutorial.Just too easy to do :D

rishi: 2013-06-15 12:33:33

no number should be printed exactly as specified...threw WA at me just for lower case!

Added by:Camilo Andrés Varela León
Time limit:1.159s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: ERL JS-RHINO NODEJS PERL6 VB.NET
Resource:Asia - Tehran 2000