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SPOJ Problem Set (classical)

1. Life, the Universe, and Everything

Problem code: TEST

Your program is to use the brute-force approach in order to find the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. More precisely... rewrite small numbers from input to output. Stop processing input after reading in the number 42. All numbers at input are integers of one or two digits.





If you have some troubles with your code, you can take a look in the forum, you'll find the answer, only for this problem, in various languages.

Added by:Michał Małafiejski
Time limit:10s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel Pentium G860 3GHz)
Languages:All except: SCM chicken
Resource:Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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2015-01-25 09:43:59 Priyam
The easiest problem in SPOJ. AC in one go :-)
2015-01-23 16:11:32 vishal sahu
how many no. we have to take?
2015-01-20 03:21:05 Vishal Chaudhary
its showing runtime error (SIGSEGV) but my code works fine in code blocks
2015-01-20 03:21:05 Divyanshu Mittal
Help me pls.. I'm getting compile time error while the same program is working fine in my system. I'm using c and c++ languages. The error is related to #include directive.
2015-01-20 03:21:05 SHASHI BHUSHAN KUMAR
2015-01-20 03:21:05 Mitch Schwartz
There is an automatic process that has been changing cluster from Pyramid to Cube over the past few months, starting with the oldest problems and working forward, and admins have informed that eventually all problems will be moved to Cube.

Last edit: 2015-01-08 05:06:41
2015-01-20 03:21:05 afroze
how many inputs values should i take??
2015-01-20 03:21:05 Manish Kushwaha
ur compiler is showing runtime error.
but it is working fine with my gcc compiler.
so,what can i do.
2015-01-20 03:21:05 Shubham jain
it is showing time limit exceeded..what should i do??
2015-01-20 03:21:05 Optimus
What is meant by the small numbers in the question?
--(francky)--> Description says "All numbers at input are integers of one or two digits." ; nothing more to be meant.

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