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Q: PT07X, please make sure that plenty of time is allowed for JAVA.
A: We advise you to use another faster programming language. We can't extend the time limit since it's still unfair for JAVA users. For ex, a C++/Pascal user can get time 0.01s for test #0, but JAVA one gets > 0.2s.

Q: On the 500 points problem, if there is more than one solution which must the program gives? the first lexicography?
A: Please read the problem description carefully.

Q: PT07Y, even through this graph is not a tree (not connected graph, containing a cycle of 5-6-7). But I still got AC
A: Yes, the test you gave me is correct. And it's only a pratice session, so we don't use so strict cases.

Q: Please reformulate the vertex cover problem. It is not clear whether the answer is the size of the set or one should print actual node numbers that represent the cover.
A: Ok, we added one more sample test to make it clearer.

Q: In 500 points problem, why AC-program produces "1" with test case?
A: As we said, practice session so the test is not very comprehensive.

Q: How many problems are there in the contest ?
A: It's our secret :)

Q: Why I still can't submit PT07X again ?
A: At about 15PM (SPOJ time), the judge suddenly crashed, it was ok after few minutes.

Q: Just for my curiosity, what's the "Time" column supposed to mean in the ranks list? ... i mean i have 116h... i doubt i've been online for that long....
A: It's the time of your last AC, something like ACM-style. Well, it's only a draft interface, there will be a lot of changes at contest session.

Q: somehow Vertex Cover - PT07X is still not submitting, and the submit button for the problem has vanished. Can you post any updates?
A: At 2007-04-27 04:00:00 (SPOJ time) practice session already finished.

Q: I noticed that you mentioned "teams" can win a prize. Can I work together with my friends in solving these problems, or is it an individual competition?
A: Yes, you can work with your team. But only use one user to submit.

Q: PT07B, please make sure that plenty of time is allowed for PASCAL.
A: Sure, it's enough for Pascal users, our solution is written in Pascal.

Q: PT07B, can i output the edges in any order ?
A: yes, you can

Q: Is the time limit in the problem statement for each test case, or for all test cases?
A: If there many test cases, for ex "Time limit: 0.1-0.5s", then the time limit for all cases are in range [0.1, 0.5] (some cases are 0.1s, some are 0.5s and others can be between 0.1 and 0.5)

Q: I think time limit for G is not reasonable as there may be 10 cases, and in each case you may have to write 10^6 numbers. The output takes plenty of time, for example, in Pascal.
A: It's enough for Pascal users, our solution is written in Pascal

Q: Why only 10 submissions for problem PT07H? :(
A: It's a challenge one, in tie case of the rank list, we will use running time of users as the last priority.

Q: Are the official solutions available? Or any other kind of solutions? :)
A: Yes, we're writing an editorial for the problem-set. Please be patient. :)

Added by:Thanh-Vy Hua
Time limit:3601s
Source limit:500B

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