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FIBON - Fibonacci numbers

You are given number n and your task is to calculate nth Fibonacci number.


The first line of the standard input contains one integer t (t<101) which is number of test cases.

In each of the next t lines there is one number n (n<71).


For every test case print one number which is nth Fibonacci number.



Output: 55

Added by:Piotr Kąkol
Time limit:2.5s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: SCM qobi
Resource:Fibonacci numbers

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2010-11-27 15:26:11 HWK
Could you say me what's wrong with 4358310? On my Windows-machine with Rakudo 2010.07 a testfile with numbers from "1" to "70" and 30 times "70" runs without problems. So why here is a NZEC?
2010-08-31 14:05:50 Piotr KÄ…kol
I cut some tests (but 70 is still the biggest).

Last edit: 2010-08-31 14:06:14
2010-08-31 12:58:19 Piotr Fusik
Still having to do silly things just to stay within time limit...

Last edit: 2010-08-31 12:58:50
2010-08-31 09:07:30 Piotr KÄ…kol
No problem, I did it even before reading Your comment when I saw that program in this task may execute more than 1.46 (in JS) which was the record till Your submission. ;-)
2010-08-31 08:58:07 Piotr Fusik
Any chance of extending the time limit? Rakudo is damn slow.
2010-02-19 22:44:44 Piotr KÄ…kol
Use long long int and You will receive AC. :-)
And speak English in comments if You want to be understood by other contestants. ;-)
2010-02-17 19:33:56 Hahas
nie rozumiem dlaczego mi wywala błędne odpowiedzi. Wszystko dobrze działa
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