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REGEX011 - Glob

This is a regex golf problem. You have to write a regex that matches all lines from one list and none from the second one. Matching is implemented as Perl's m//, so it's not a precise match. E.g. to match "SPOJ" you don't need regex /^SPOJ$/ since it's enough to write /PO/ or /J/.

The regexes submitted should be compatible with Perl regular expressions (version 5.20.1).

Score is calculated as follows: it's equal to the length of your regex and for every line from the first list that's not matched by your regex X points are added to your score. Analogically, for every line from the second list that's matched by your regex X points are added to your score. The lower your score is, the better. X often equals 10 but it's different in some problems. Check below this problem's X value.

To quickly check the quality of your solution visit the original regex golf project.

Please don't look for solutions for this problem online or at least don't post them here if you didn't come up with them on your own.

Match all of these...

  • *err* matches superreform
  • *falle*ess matches unfallenness
  • *il*log* matches unphilological
  • *plen*tud* matches overplenitude
  • *taiodi* matches pentaiodide
  • *viceberry matches serviceberry
  • bowdl* matches bowdlerism
  • bron*hopleur*sy matches bronchopleurisy
  • chromatophobia matches chromatophobia
  • cockneyla* matches cockneyland
  • colorlessly matches colorlessly
  • cretefaction matches cretefaction
  • downrightly matches downrightly
  • leather* matches leatherbark
  • mitogenet* matches mitogenetic
  • palindrom* matches palindromic
  • parallelepiped matches parallelepiped
  • primigenial matches primigenial
  • puppe* matches puppetlike
  • resurrender matches resurrender
  • wreathwi* matches wreathwise

And none of these...

  • *anapaestical* matches anapaestically
  • *chegonio matches archegoniophore
  • *dissoluti* matches dissolutional
  • *domestica matches domesticality
  • *expedition matches expedition
  • *hormog matches hormogonium
  • *stipular* matches infrastipular
  • *strabis matches strabismal
  • cathartica matches cathartically
  • di matches gerundively
  • hacean matches zoanthacean
  • headmist matches headmistress
  • herwi matches trencherwise
  • iemphraxia matches cardiemphraxia
  • kmak matches packmaking
  • mbable* matches unclimbable
  • nspi*tor matches inspirator
  • ocumidi matches pseudocumidine
  • raretinal* matches intraretinal
  • tte matches whitterick
  • uefoliate matches quinquefoliate

X = 20

Added by:Piotr KÄ…kol
Time limit:1s
Source limit:1000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)

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