2008-05-20 06:08:47 Open Contest 2008 is over by Roman Sol

Open Contest 2008 has ended! The winners are:

1. YOSHIDA, Yuichi (Japan) - 12.87
2. [SPbSU ITMO] WiNGeR (Russia) - 12.36
3. HIRASAWA, Yasuharu (Japan) – 11.33
4. Rio (Japan) – 11.08
5. ˚Lobstər˚ - 9.83
6. Alexey Shmelev (Russia) – 9.62
7. Hongcheng Zhu (China) – 9.51
8. Esteban CrespĂ­ de Valldaura (Spain) – 9.38
9. Jin Bin (China) – 9.33
10. Gennady Korotkevitch (Belarus) - 8.79

I want to congratulate all the winners. All problems of this year will be put in main SPOJ database soon. See you next year.

2008-05-11 08:00:43 Rejudge of Chomp problem by Roman Sol

Problem was rejudged because of some presentation errors in input file. This errors have been fixed.

2008-04-29 12:46:13 Announcement by Roman Sol

ZFun 2008 Logo

I invite everyone to take part in Open Contest 2008! Competition starts on May, 3rd at 00-01 (SPOJ time) and ends on May, 20th at 00-01 (SPOJ time). Interesting problems, original scoring system and long carrying out time will make this competition very dynamical and interesting. The scoring system is arranged in such a way that the score received for a problem strongly depends on the best solution for this problem, in more detail about this system you can read in rules. Long duration of competition will give necessary time to think thoroughly above each of problems and to find the optimal solution.

Good luck to all participants of competition!

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