Given two logic values p and q (0 or 1) please compute p XOR q.


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raghad_alasas: 2022-09-28 10:02:16

can any one help me in this please

bravura_coder: 2021-05-11 11:09:26

AC in one shot

mizel: 2020-12-02 02:04:23

<0.5kb of code and explanations snipped>

[NG]: It's not that complicated and you´re not that smart. Yes, there are other people in the world that can do a xor b on their own.

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mrk_cppcs: 2020-06-26 14:25:32

Easy, i did this in 2 minutes. Pozdrawiam :D

kartikeysm2001: 2020-05-28 09:10:55


krishp: 2020-05-04 21:08:41

After 2.5 hours, I finally figured it out. Thank you for this problem : )

afreakingmind: 2019-09-15 19:27:22

It just need a single line of code for solution
System.out.print(a ^ b);

singhaditya97: 2019-08-31 17:59:16

Took me three hours to understand but AC in one go. I believe I am one of the best programmers in the world !!

rohan811: 2019-07-20 08:24:27

worst problem....please move to tutorials so that one's time isnt wasted.

aman321: 2019-04-10 22:06:57

Boosts the confidence level.

Added by:kuszi
Time limit:1s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: ASM64
Resource:Thanks to Mostafa 36a2