CAPCITY - Capital City

There are N cities in Flatland connected with M unidirectional roads. The cities are numbered from 1 to N. The Flat Circle of Flatland (FCF) wants to set up a new capital city for his kingdom. For security reasons, the capital must be reachable from all other cities of Flatland. FCF needs the list of all candidate cities. You are the chief programmer at FACM (Flat Association for Computing Machinery) responsible for providing the list to FCF as soon as possible.



The first line of the input file contains two integers։ 1N≤100,000 and 1M≤200,000. Each of the following M lines contains two integers 1A, B≤N denoting a road from A to B.


The output file contains an integer denoting the number of candidate cities followed by the list of candidate cities in increasing order.



4 4

1 2

3 2

4 3

2 1



1 2

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lamia2658: 2019-02-03 07:30:36

the nodes which are involved in an SCC whose size is > 1 is the answer. Dont forget to sort the answer before submitting ;)

paras meena: 2018-11-25 21:58:36

Time constraint for java is not added properly. Converted same TLE java code in C++ and got AC.

ashishgup: 2018-09-18 22:44:31

20th test case for me was not printing the cities in increasing order :(

preet_t: 2018-08-29 08:09:23

can also be solved using Kosaraju's algo.

m__sharma: 2018-08-14 09:58:49

TLE even after using TARJAN ! any hint?

shahianshu: 2018-08-13 10:02:54

nice question based on tarjan's algorithm , keep in mind that you can easily break away when you get 1st scc as it will give the required answer and then sort all the elements of the scc and then print them

jalaikontum: 2018-07-23 11:20:05

AC in one go :))
tarjan algorithm :v, sorry for my bad english :v

s_a_k_s_h_a_m: 2018-07-14 11:57:02

use condensation of graph
sort the vertices in toplogical order(after reversing edges of condensed graph)

jh0n_12358: 2018-06-27 15:33:05

After 3 hours AC in one go

aditya12legend: 2018-06-23 17:07:47

Done with a combination of DSU and DFS

Added by:Narek Saribekyan
Time limit:0.210s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Resource:Armenian TST 2010, Round 2