HORRIBLE - Horrible Queries

World is getting more evil and it's getting tougher to get into the Evil League of Evil. Since the legendary Bad Horse has retired, now you have to correctly answer the evil questions of Dr. Horrible, who has a PhD in horribleness (but not in Computer Science). You are given an array of N elements, which are initially all 0. After that you will be given C commands. They are -

* 0 p q v - you have to add v to all numbers in the range of p to q (inclusive), where p and q are two indexes of the array.

* 1 p q - output a line containing a single integer which is the sum of all the array elements between p and q (inclusive)



In the first line you'll be given T, number of test cases.

Each test case will start with N (N <= 100 000) and C (C <= 100 000). After that you'll be given C commands in the format as mentioned above. 1 <= p, q <= N and 1 <= v <= 10^7.


Print the answers of the queries.


8 6
0 2 4 26
0 4 8 80
0 4 5 20
1 8 8
0 5 7 14
1 4 8


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chetan4060: 2017-12-04 17:22:40

lazy rocks

neeraj745: 2017-11-24 03:22:29

This was my first problem on lazy approach. can anybody suggest me some good problems on lazy approach to grasp my concept better. not too hard but little harder that this. Thanks :)

shiv2111: 2017-11-04 07:02:55

cakewalk ->(ST+LAZY)

v_pp_27: 2017-11-02 14:34:53

direct implementation of segtree + lazy

pratham_1: 2017-10-10 18:40:23

CakeWalk AC;)

vishesh197: 2017-10-08 10:16:51

Solved it using segment tree and lazy propagation.....Learn it from youtube....(Tushar roy video).Remember if you are getting TLE even after implementation of lazy propagation means that either you have not implemented it properly leading to extra traversal of nodes in tree

Last edit: 2017-10-09 18:22:10
ashutosh450: 2017-10-03 20:06:43

Take maxsize as 4000001 :)
else face SIGSEGV

abhiyad: 2017-09-27 13:26:13

use long long , converted WA to AC :)

javafreak: 2017-09-26 03:41:02

Very good problem for clearing basics of Segment Trees and Lazy Propagation, took my 4 hours, but totally worth it. Remember to take all long long values .

sarwar__05: 2017-09-25 23:24:46

My first Lazy. AC :D

Added by:Iqram Mahmud
Time limit:2.329s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: ASM64
Resource:Own. Thanks to Emir Habul.