HOTELS - Hotels Along the Croatian Coast

There are N hotels along the beautiful Adriatic coast. Each hotel has its value in Euros.

Sroljo has won M Euros on the lottery. Now he wants to buy a sequence of consecutive hotels, such that the sum of the values of these consecutive hotels is as great as possible - but not greater than M.

You are to calculate this greatest possible total value.


In the first line of the input there are integers N and M (1 ≤ N ≤ 300 000, 1 ≤ M < 231).

In the next line there are N natural numbers less than 106, representing the hotel values in the order they lie along the coast.


Print the required number (it will be greater than 0 in all of the test data).


5 12
2 1 3 4 5
4 9
7 3 5 6

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aimbot: 2018-01-09 13:00:19

2 ez

kmkhan_014: 2017-12-18 18:32:04


shizukaa: 2017-10-26 17:05:10

Hint on implementation: Use List simply(or you use two pointer but at last you will doing the same thing).
Hint on logic: it is like putting things in list from back and then removing it from front if your addition of elements gets greater than 'M'. I hope you don't get struck. Happy coding :)

frozen7: 2017-10-13 17:04:53

Can be solved using binary_search in O(nlogn) or using two pointer technique in O(n)

Last edit: 2017-10-13 19:00:19
hitman007: 2017-09-24 20:45:59

I wrote unexpected number of loops and if-else. Am I doing something wrong ? Although I used sliding window method and AC.

darkdreamofmy1: 2017-09-05 20:59:42

ac in one go LOL

jayu_jd: 2017-07-09 16:59:18

Nice problem!
AC in one go.

anurag_tangri: 2017-07-05 14:10:48

AC IN ONE GO :) prefix sum and two pointers :D

shauryauppal: 2017-07-05 13:43:38

Deque concept O(N) answer

9 63
8 32 1 5 4 9 20 12 30


babur: 2017-06-24 06:46:17


Added by:Adrian Satja Kurdija
Time limit:1s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: ASM64
Resource:that would be me