LFBKE - Loan for bike

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Noyon wants to buy a Motor Bike, but he needs a loan as he is hard up. So, he went to two Banks for loan. The first Bank lends imposing compound interest while the second one imposes simple interest.

Noyon collects the rate of interest of the Banks. But he is weak in math. Given the rates of interest, loan amount and years due, help him finding the Bank with lowest interest amount.


The first line contains a number t ( t<=1000) the number of test cases.

The next t lines contains numbers p, y, r1, r2 (1<=p<=1000000000,1<= y<=50, 3% <= r1 , r2<=50%)  where p denotes the Loan amount and y denotes the years due, r1 denotes the rate of interest of first Bank and r2 denotes the second.


Print n lines. Each line containing “Bank 1” if interest amount is lowest for Bank 1, “Bank 2” for Bank 2. Print “Confused huh!” if the interest amount is same. (Without quotes) for each test cases.


10000 5 10 15
2000 4 3 5
100 3 5 4
12345 3 9 7
Bank 1
Bank 1
Bank 2
Bank 2

Added by:Sarwar
Time limit:1s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)