MFLAR10 - Flowers Flourish from France

Fiona has always loved poetry, and recently she discovered a fascinating poetical form. Tautograms are a special case alliteration, which is the occurrence of the same letter at the beginning of adjacent words. In particular, a sentence is a tautogram if all of its words start with the same letter. 

For instance, the following sentences are tautograms:

  • Flowers Flourish from France
  • Sam Simmonds speaks softly
  • Peter pIckEd pePPers
  • truly tautograms triumph

Fiona wants to dazzle her boyfriend with a romantic letter full of this kind of sentences. Please help Fiona to check if each sentence she wrote down is a tautogram or not.


Each test case is given in a single line that contains a sentence. A sentence consists of a sequence of at most 50 words separated by single spaces. A word is a sequence of at most 20 contiguous uppercase and lowercase letters from the English alphabet. A word contains at least one letter and a sentence contains at least one word.

The last test case is followed by a line containing only a single character ‘*’ (asterisk).


For each test case output a single line containing an uppercase ‘Y’ if the sentence is a tautogram, or an uppercase ‘N’ otherwise.


Sample input:
Flowers Flourish from France
Sam Simmonds speaks softly
Peter pIckEd pePPers
truly tautograms triumph
this is NOT a tautogram

Sample Output:

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ViNiTH: 2011-07-18 04:04:15

ignore preceding and leading spaces and blank lines and voila AC.

g3: 2011-06-20 10:43:15

Is a single word considered as a tautogram ?

Kunal Kapadia: 2011-03-27 21:38:22

@Manpreet Singh: Nice reply :)

Max: 2011-01-26 20:27:49

@seshadri : I am getting wrong answer even though my code is giving write answers for sample input as well as all the strings i've tried. what could be the reason ?

:(){ :|: & };:: 2011-01-26 01:35:06

Good work with the input file,initially I assumed the worst.

Manpreet Singh: 2011-01-03 09:22:18

i think u should practice more often

Seshadri R: 2010-11-10 06:59:59

Can this problem be moved to Tutorials? (I am always of the opinion that if my first ever submission is AC, then it is not a challenging problem)

Pranay: 2010-11-09 19:35:18

can't understand why am i getting runtime error in java

Last edit: 2010-11-10 04:29:59
mafia: 2010-11-06 14:08:25

the input is:

Flowers Flourish from France
Sam Simmonds speaks softly

Added by:~!(*(@*!@^&
Time limit:1s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: ASM64
Resource:ACM ICPC2010 – Latin American Regional