What is SPOJ?

SPOJSphere Online Judge – is a problemset archive, online judge and contest hosting service accepting solutions in many languages.

Quick How-To-Begin:

The first thing you need to do is to register (it's free and spamless). Then find problem from one of the extensive problemsets, write a solution in your favorite language and submit it. Next switch to status page and watch progress of judging of your solution. After few moments you will see the result:

1. AC - accepted - your program ran successfully and gave a correct answer (this you will like most :) )

2. WA - wrong answer - your program ran successfully, but gave an incorrect answer

3. TLE - time limit exceeded - your program was compiled successfully, but it didn't stop before time limit

These are status codes you will see most often. To know all of them, see FAQ or this tutorial.

What next?

Simply solve more problems :)
To get more familiar with SPOJ read one of the availabe tutorials or find answer in FAQ.

Available tutorials:

Tutorial for new (and not only new) users
Tutorial for problem-setters
Tutorial for problem-setters (interactive problems)
Tutorial for contest-setters