Sanket Agarwal


India, dhanbad

Joined Jan 2019

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Institution: IIT Dhanbad

I am a sophomore undergraduate pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology(ISM) Dhanbad, one of the leading technical institute across the globe. I am striving to be better at problem solving, and at the same time challenging myself and imbibing new concepts and technology advancements. My field of interest includes competitive programming and App development. I am rated Expert(1698) on Codeforces and 3-star on Codechef(1733). I have won many coding competitions organized by my college. The programming languages I master are C++, Python, and Java. I also have an internship experience at ChazeIndia as an android developer. Learning new technologies and innovation has always been my prime goal. I'm willing to expand my technical domain and explore new areas this summer with Google. I am proficient at competitive coding which helps me in learning new things very fast.

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