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2016-11-27 17:47:15 Can CEG/MIT get 8/8? by cegprakash

Saravanaganesh and Vikraman are at 7 problems. Can they finish the last problem within the remaining 100 minutes?

2016-11-27 15:00:42 Narayan is now an 8 pointer! by cegprakash

After the SSN trio, Narayan from IITM is now officially an 8 pointer. Congrats!

2016-11-27 11:53:24 Top MITian and CEGian at this point by cegprakash

Saravanaganesh from CEG and Vikraman from MIT have solved 6 problems and leads the college ranking. Both are 2nd year students. Keep going!

2016-11-26 22:55:44 MIT fresher enters enter late than never by cegprakash

Saran V S takes the responsibility to show MIT first years in the leader board.

2016-11-26 20:12:03 Keshav takes 8 out off 8! by cegprakash

Keshav finishes the problem set in 3 hours 40 minutes. Congrats!

2016-11-26 19:52:14 CEG first year enters the contest! by cegprakash

Bagirathan - 1st year CEGian solves a problem lifting the 1st years in the leaderboard.

2016-11-26 19:37:43 SSN is dominating by cegprakash

SSN 3rd years Keshav, Roopesh and Prashant are dominating by leading the ranklist solving 6, 4 and 4 problems respectively

2016-11-26 18:47:00 Keshav takes the lead by cegprakash

Keshav takes the lead solving 4 problems! Congrats.

2016-11-26 18:33:28 Hint for Partial Primes by cegprakash

Partial Primes is the second easiest problem. One of the ways to solve is to think about the range where the answer exists.

2016-11-26 18:26:53 Leaders share solving 3 problems by cegprakash

Solving 3 problems Sagar, Saravanaganesh, Sudarsan and Keshav are leading the ranklist.

2016-11-26 16:54:46 A lot has happened! by cegprakash

Lot has happened in the first 24 minutes.
Varun, Vikraman and Akshay are leading the leaderboard solving two problems.

2016-11-26 16:48:44 Tips for freshers by cegprakash

1) As your solutions are tested by an automated judge, just print what is required. Do not print statements like "Enter a number", "The answer is" etc.,

2) SPOJ's judge is case sensitive.

3) Do not forget to print a new line after each test case

4) Always have a look at the input constraints and time constraints. Check your array size and take care of overflows.

5) If you get a compilation error, click on the error to know what error you made. If your code compiles on ideone.com, it will compile here as well. Uninstall TURBOC.

2016-11-23 22:45:07 Hints by cegprakash

* Before starting to code, have a look at the input and time constraints. Do not jump into a brute force solution.

* For problems with huge I/O, prefer printf/scanf to cin/cout and BufferedReader to Scanner.

* If you get any doubt, post in the comments. Be precise about your doubt.

* Don't post any ideas or code snippets in comments.

* Read the comments. There may be hint(s).

* To get raised in the rank list faster, solve the problems which are successfully solved by most other users.

* Check out this news page once in a while to get updates.

* The problems are not guaranteed to be sorted by their difficulty level.

* The rank list will be updated once in every 3 minutes.

* If you face any troubles contact here

2016-10-26 09:21:00 by cegprakash
The contest is exclusively for all Anna University students. Other participants can also take part. Year-wise rank list of CEG Coding camp registrants will be available here.

Contest date: 26th November 2016
Start time: 9:00 PM IST
Duration : 24 hours
Total number of problems : 8
Until then, practice some easy problems here or here.

Thanks to problem testers : xorfire, sundar95, ingithina, lakshmi8, [[soup_boy]]


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