• arith - input/output handling and arithmetic operators
  • iter - loops and conditionals
  • cpttrn - nested loops and conditionals
  • arrays - loops and arrays or other containers
  • strfun - string manipulation
  • bitm - involve bits manipulations
  • geom - involve 2D geometry

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2020-02-29 11:14:07 Problem with sumbissions is fixed by kuszi
I am sorry for the inconveniences.

2015-03-26 10:29:42 Do you teach programming? by kuszi
Please consider SPOX (http://spox.spoj.pl) the system dedicated to teaching programming. SPOX has been built upon the same engine as SPOJ, but dedicated to teaching in the context of private lessons or regular courses.

All BSCPROG problems (and much more from SPOJ problem sets) are available within SPOX.

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