We would like to invite you all to participate in ITRIX OPC 2013, a 5-hour acm-icpc style online programming competition, which is organized as a part of ITRIX 2013, the international techfest of DIST, College Of Engineering Guindy, India.

Date: 27th February
Start time: 21:00 IST
Contest Duration : 5 hours
Contact : codeconundrum@itrix.in

Problem setters: printf, cegprakash

2013-03-03 23:36:41 Solutions HIDDEN by cegprakash
As the problems moved to classical section, the solutions are made hidden. The submissions are still open.

2013-02-27 23:54:38 TOP 10 by cegprakash
Top 10 in the rank list kindly mail your Name, Mail id registered at itrix.in, SPOJ username, Institution and country to cegprakash@gmail.com with the subject "ITRIX OPC TOP 10"

2013-02-27 23:13:38 SOLUTIONS ARE NOW MADE OPEN by cegprakash


2013-02-27 23:02:45 SUBMISSIONS OPENED by cegprakash

Submissions made open for all the problems!
If you have any doubt regarding the problems mail to cegprakash@gmail.com. The winners will be announced as soon as possible.

2013-02-27 21:32:27 CONTEST ENDED by cegprakash
The contest has ended. Thank you for participating. Please do vote for the feedback questions here.

2013-02-27 21:18:04 FINAL 13 MINUTES by cegprakash
13 minutes more for the contest and the current scoreboard

1 [[soup_boy]] - INDIA
2 rankalee - JAPAN
3 Jimmy Skhirtladze - GEORGIA
4 Sameer Jain - INDIA
5 Tornike Mandzulashvili - GEORGIA
6 Paulo Cezar [UFG] - BRAZIL
7 Harutyunyan Hrayr - ARMENIA
8 saivikneshwar - INDIA
9 N.R..Samarasekara - SRI LANKA
10 Swapnil R.Mehta - INDIA

2013-02-27 18:54:16 137 minutes! by cegprakash
137 minutes up and the current leaders are

1. rankalee - JAPAN
2. Jimmy Skhirtladze - GEORGIA
3. Harutyunyan Hrayr - ARMENIA
4. Sameer Jain -INDIA
5. Tornike Mandzulashvili - GEORGIA

2013-02-27 17:37:32 65 minutes! by cegprakash
At the end of 65 minutes the ranklist shows
1. rankalee
2. Sameer Jain
3. Jimmy Skhirtladze

2013-02-27 17:12:08 GO4DIAMON by cegprakash
GO4DIAMON Rejudged. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2013-02-27 13:04:49 hints by cegprakash

* Before starting to code, have a look at the input and time constraints.

* All the wrong submissions before the first correct submission to a problem will cost 20 penalty minutes.

* If you get any doubt, post in the comments. Be precise about your doubt.

* Don't post any ideas in comments.

* Read the comments. There may be hint(s).

* To get raised in the rank list faster, solve the problems which is successfully solved by most other users.

* Check out this news page once in a while to get updates.

* The rank list will be updated once in every 3 minutes.

* If you face any issues regarding the contest contact us.

2013-02-12 09:00:00 Contest type by cegprakash

Contest Rules

1) The contest is open to all the college students with valid ID card.

2) This is strictly an individual competition.

3) Participants should register here.

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