2008-02-03 00:00:00 by Minilek
My apologies, but I had an error when pasting the problem statement for BIGSEQ. The first line should read: You are given the sequence of all K-digit binary numbers: 0, 1,..., 2^K - 1. That is, it should be 2^K - 1 and not 2^{K-1}.

2008-01-14 00:00:00 MIT 1st Team Contest 2007 by Minilek
The problems used in the MIT 1st Team Contest for our ACM ICPC team tryouts will be on SPOJ in the form of a contest on Sunday, February 3rd, from 5pm to 10pm Greenwich Mean Time. Our problem statements are currently online and easily found by a search engine; we recommend you don't look at them until the contest if you want to practice under real contest conditions.

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