PRIME1 - Prime Generator

Peter wants to generate some prime numbers for his cryptosystem. Help him! Your task is to generate all prime numbers between two given numbers!


The input begins with the number t of test cases in a single line (t<=10). In each of the next t lines there are two numbers m and n (1 <= m <= n <= 1000000000, n-m<=100000) separated by a space.


For every test case print all prime numbers p such that m <= p <= n, one number per line, test cases separated by an empty line.


1 10
3 5


Warning: large Input/Output data, be careful with certain languages (though most should be OK if the algorithm is well designed)


After cluster change, please consider PRINT as a more challenging problem.

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atharva12345: 2019-10-16 17:26:22

whats the way to solve this so that i dont get TLE?

eyenine: 2019-10-11 17:56:05

IS sieve of Eratosthenes is necessary to solve this?

technorsh: 2019-10-09 11:33:26

I have test for worst case, it is giving 4.139s but after submitting it's giving exceed time limit.

orkhan_az: 2019-10-02 05:33:17

Why it writing time limit ? I pass all self test by code it done succesfull
I dont understand which test give a wrong answear? i am write fast and stable algoritme to find all prime numbers in diapazone beetween 2 ....10000000/ How can i see failed test?

Last edit: 2019-10-04 07:51:09
krishna_siva_: 2019-09-29 07:37:07

@uri_12 I know right, tried it in Python 3, PyPy and C++, and only C++ worked. They really need to adjust their time limits.

hetp111: 2019-09-27 14:15:47

no need for segmented seive.

bihari_kid: 2019-09-25 15:12:27

apply segmented sieve algorithm

srinathsekar: 2019-09-17 20:00:48

I'm getting TLE why?

carcomortesi: 2019-09-16 23:08:39

Testing my code in my VS2017 and timing it I always obtain about 15-16 millis. But here I always obtain TLE. What am I doing wrong? Is there any sample of input that could be realistic?

coder_mukul: 2019-09-08 20:51:17

Help my whole code is correct and but spoj declares it wrong.

Added by:Adam Dzedzej
Time limit:6s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Languages:All except: NODEJS PERL6