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SPOJ Problem Set (cpttrn)

12185. Character Patterns (Act 5)

Problem code: CPTTRN5

Using two characters: . (dot) and * (asterisk) print a grid-like pattern. The grid will have l lines, c columns, and each square shaped element of the grid will have the height and width equal to s.

Moreover, each of the grid elements will have a diagonal. The diagonal of the first square in the first line of the grid is directed towards down and right corner - use the \ (backslash) character to print it; while the next diagonal will be directed towards upper right corner - use the / (slash) character to print it. Print the successive diagonals alternately (please consult the example below).


You are given t - the number of test cases and for each of the test case three positive integers: l - the number of lines, c - the number of columns in the grid and s - the size of the single square shaped element.


For each of the test cases output the requested pattern (please have a look at the example). Use one line break in between successive patterns.


3 1 2 
4 4 1 
2 5 2 




Added by:kuszi
Time limit:1s
Source limit:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel Pentium G860 3GHz)
Public source code since: 2013-08-24 14:48:58

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2014-07-28 12:23:45 kuszi
@Benji - thank you, fixed.
2014-07-23 16:03:50 Benji
There is a typo in "input" section: "...single squere shaped" -> "single square shaped"

Last edit: 2014-07-23 16:04:22
2013-10-31 11:29:59 kuszi
@Kunal Khanna - thank you. You are right, there should be three values in the input, fixed.

Last edit: 2013-11-02 15:29:47
2013-10-29 18:52:10 Kunal Khanna
ques says each input will have 4 values.. test case shows 3???
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